Southern Survey Services specializes in providing commercial and industrial surveying and mapping services. We work throughout the Southeastern United States, and our professional surveyors have extensive experience in the energy sector, oil & gas industry, and other commercial interests.

Our experience allows us to provide accurate, efficient surveying and mapping. We can respond to complex situations as they develop and before they threaten to interfere with your deadlines. If you need industrial or commercial surveying, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Construction Surveys & Staking

Southern Survey Services has extensive experience with residential, commercial, and industrial construction surveys and land staking for a variety of industries.

Right Of Way Surveys

Southern Survey Services has worked with oil & gas companies, public utilities, and private owners to perform ROW surveys. We’ve helped build utilities, roads, pipelines, and more.


ALTA/ACSM surveys are some of the most comprehensive available, and lending institutions will frequently require them for new construction, sales, and other real estate transactions.

Topographical Surveys

A topographic or contour survey will document the surface features, like hills, elevation, and depressions, on a piece of land, providing a three-dimensional view of the property.

Subdivision Surveys

We’ve worked with contractors, builders, and developers to provide accurate, detailed subdivision plats and topographic information that allows them to proceed quickly.


Southern Survey Services’ broad range of expertise means that we can help with almost any project. Contact us today and let us see if we can help you.

Experienced Surveyors. Efficient Delivery.

Southern Survey Services employs surveyors with a broad range of experience and expertise. Our project managers and field crew supervisors have worked in a variety of industries. The depth and breadth of our experience means that we’re able to respond to developing situations efficiently.

That means fewer delays and more accurate deliverables. Southern Survey Services strives to be the kind of partner you can depend on when your project is on the line. We’ll ensure that we provide accurate surveys when you need them, allowing you to continue your project without delays.

If you need commercial or industrial surveying, contact us today. We’ll have someone meet with you to discuss your needs.

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